Bangkok's (New) Night Train Market / by WJRVisuals

If you've made it here then you've likely already seen an image like this below of Bangkok's Night Train Market. This blog post is meant to help you find it and get the shot.

Bangkok's Night Train Market | Nikon D850 & Tamron 15-30 @ 19mm, ISO 64, 5 sec, f/8

Bangkok's Night Train Market | Nikon D850 & Tamron 15-30 @ 19mm, ISO 64, 5 sec, f/8

This place seems to have as many names as it does stalls. Some of them include:

  • New Rot Fai Market

  • Ratchada Night Market

  • Night Train Market

Do not confuse this place with the lesser known Original Rot Fai Market

Probably the easiest way to get here is via the MRT (subway). It is inexpensive and will take you right to the night market. You will need to get off at the Thailand Cultural Center stop and walk a short distance to the market. Once you enter the market, you will see two parking garages to the right (eastern side of the market). Head for the first one and take the stairs to the top. (Note: Check the map and photos below.)

As of April 2018, there are no rules or security guards preventing photographers from taking pictures and using tripods. 

The sun sets behind the city which makes this an ideal location to shoot during sunset.

Keep in mind the market is large and will likely go out of your frame. Even 15mm isn't wide enough to capture it all. You may be able to tilt down to get most or maybe all, but you'll end up with severely distorted buildings in the background. So for the shot above I kept everything level and shot it at 19mm.

Also, the city buildings lack a lot of light in the evening so expect some "dead" area in your photo.

Another note on the composition, the market and parking garage are not parallel which can create a sense of tilt in the shot. Do not count on all the tents being in evenly spaced rows and directly inline. This problem is probably best dealt with in Photoshop.

One final note, on my last visit here I intended on shooting some time lapse from ground level in the southwestern corner of the market. That didn't happen... A guy who watched me set everything up decided to wait until I was about to press the shutter button to tell me to leave. He motioned toward the tripod and said no numerous times. So the moral of that story is you'll have to more discreet than I was or plan on only using your tripod in the parking garage!


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