Etosha Elephants

Etosha Elephants

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After leaving Namibia's capital of Windhoek later than expected and driving four hours north to Etosha National Park, I was greeted by a guard at the gate who questioned my judgment as to whether or not it was wise for me to enter the park with only one hour until closing. I replied and told him I wouldn't miss the sunset in one of Africa's most magnificent parks. The entry fee was a small fee, and in return, I had the pleasure of watching 20 to 30 elephants bath and drink from a waterhole not far from the Andersen Gate. Realizing I had very little time to get back out of the park I begrudgingly packed up and left but so did the elephants.. The elephants left the waterhole and crossed the road just behind me as I was on the way out. That is when I captured this photo. It was late into Namibia's dry season, and then the herd of elephants created a lot of dust that was lifted just off of the ground. The dust catching the pink setting sun created a great photo opportunity. It was an unforgettable experience, and fortunately, there is this photo to share it.

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Etosha Elephants